Ways of Giving

There are many ways of giving to the Community Legal Center Capital Campaign, each of which provides certain advantages to the donor. While tax benefits are rarely the prime motivation behind a gift, they often enable a donor to give more than might otherwise be possible.

"And Justice For All" is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all gifts are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. When considering a major gift to the campaign, however, it is a good idea to discuss options with legal and tax advisors who can help you determine the most advantageous method of giving.

Click here to access the pledge form in PDF version or call (801) 924-3183 to make a pledge of support over the phone.

Gifts of Cash or Other Assets

An outright pledge of cash is the simplest method of giving and qualifies for a full charitable deduction. A three- to five-year pledge period has been established for the Community Legal Center Campaign, thus allowing donors to fulfill their pledges in installments. Capital assets, including stocks, bonds, securities, and real estate worth more than when originally purchased, can also be contributed to "And Justice For All," leaving the donor free of tax liability on the capital gains, which would be incurred if such assets were sold on the open market. Certain limitations apply, and donors are encouraged to consult with their advisors concerning such gifts.

Corporate and Matching Gifts

Owners of closely held corporations could benefit by making a contribution through the company. This avoids possible double taxation of both corporate and personal incomes. Also, many corporations have matching gift programs under which the value of an employee's or director's (or spouse's) gift may be multiplied.

Trusts and Life Income Gifts

Several trust and life income vehicles enable the donor to make a sizeable gift now, receive income for life, and take advantage of an income-tax deduction.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This is an arrangement whereby the donor gives assets to the trust, pays no capital gains tax on the assets' long-term appreciation, receives a current-year tax deduction, and retains the right to receive income from the trust. Often, income to the donor from such trusts is deferred for maximum retirement benefit.

Charitable Lead Trust

This is an arrangement whereby assets are placed in a trust, and the income earned by the assets is given to "And Justice For All" for a number of years. The assets then pass back to the donor or to the donor's beneficiaries. A charitable lead trust offers a number of tax advantages and can be most useful in gift and estate planning.

Life Estate Contract

This is an arrangement that enables a donor to contribute real property. It is restricted to a personal residence, vacation home, or farm. The donor receives an income tax deduction in the year the gift is made based on these factors: donor's age, the fair market value of the property, and any depreciation considerations. The donor retains the right to continue residing on the property and/or to collect income from the property. This arrangement provides estate tax benefits and saves probate costs.

If you plan to make a gift...

If you plan to make a gift of stock, the brokerage account information for "And Justice For All" is 179-014668-014.